My Rules

1. I make my own rules, and follow them

2. I will trust  my instincts

3. I will not wait for anyone to tell me what to do OR to approve what I do

4. I am a whole, complete person by myself

5. My wellbeing depends on my ability to choose to be happy in the present moment

6. I will speak to and treat everyone with respect, love and compassion

7. I will NOT dwell on the past

8. I dream of and build my bright future

9. I will not be on guard all the time. I allow myself to live freely

10. I trust the process of life to bring me the greatest good.

Last, but the BEST

11. Yes, I want to give a good future to my children. Before that, I want to make their present moment purely beautiful.


Adults as children

A small baby is crying. What do we do? We rush to the baby to see what the baby might require. I might be anyone – mother, father, grandparent, or just a neighbor. But I rush to the baby to see what I can do to help her.

What do we do when an adult cries? We sympathize, atleast most of the times. What if our loved one gets upset or cries. We get irritated. We expect them to be strong. “I never thought you are so weak”, is a common dialogue. Wanting someone to comfort us is not a sign of weakness. It is the core of who we are, as human beings, whether we are children or adults. That is why we all seek that special someone in our life. When we feel low, we want our loved one to reach out to us, comfort us.

Next time you see your loved one feeling low, reach out to him/her, comfort her and say those two positive words he/she might be wanting to hear. We all have the best interests at heart, but we end up saying something hurtful in that sad moment. Instead of saying “I can’t imagine you being so weak”, just say “I know you to be a very strong and loving person, why are you so upset? Share with me and let us resolve the issue”. Believe me, it makes a big difference.

Take care of each other as you would care for a small child. Because, we are all as perfect as the small child.

What do I really want?

I am living my life. I am happy. Or am I?

I was told to go to school, then college. I went. I was a good kid. I go to work, unsure if it is my dream at all. Can we really live our life of dreams? May be, let me discover…

Seniors say, you are still young. When you grow up, you will mature. You will know what really matters. Is it? You have all resigned yourselves to living the ordinary life, I will not do that…

I get married. Oh my God! why does my spouse see so many of my fallacies, not seeing the real shining me. This is outrageous. Let me at least live an ordinary life.

I have kids. Slowly, gaining promotions at work. After all, I am not that bad. I have some success in my life..

Is Happiness so short-living. What I do is not enough at my work too.. Why? Why do I feel there is a lot to me than I see, realize now. Than what the world sees me as.

As I go on thinking, I understand, I have not been able to communicate to my spouse, my boss, my team what I want exactly.. First of all, I have not communicated well with myself.  Why am I not able to communicate clearly, because I HAVE NOT DECIDED what I want. I am giving out confused signals to the people and to the universe.

I suddenly realize there is a lot to understand in this universe than I thought there was. I am REALLY HAPPY. I am starting on the journey to discover the laws of universe. As I move on with the journey to discover myself, discover what I really want in life, I feel more in peace with myself and the universe.

I will decide what I want in life. Will communicate clearly to everyone involved. And will live the life I want.  Universe is great, and will help me with my endeavor to a fulfilling life…

Thanks for joining me on the journey.

When are you starting your journey towards your fulfilling life?